Studying the Pharmacy Technology certificate program at Rockledge Institute in Rockledge, FL can give students the practical training they need to help them succeed in this flourishing healthcare field.

Pharmacy Tech Course Syllabus



PHT101 ​Introduction to Pharmacy & Healthcare Systems

Provides a study of and introduction to pharmacy and its role in providing patient care services. This course was also designed to provide an increased understanding of the Pharmacy and its role in the Healthcare System. This course will also provide an understanding of patient confidentiality, patient rights and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).


PHT102​Customer Service​

This course is designed to prepare the student for their role as a customer service provider to patients, caregivers and other healthcare professionals in the pharmacysetting.  The areas of focus for the course will include the following:  Interpersonal relations, Communications (Diversity of Communications and Empathetic Communications) and Ethics.


HSP1101​Medical Terminology

This course is designed to provide a basic knowledge and understanding of medical terminology and medical abbreviations and symbols for students entering the health fields. The course will cover word analysis of the terminology, spelling and pronunciation of common medical terms.


PHT201​Pharmacy Technician Calculations​

This course includes a review of basic mathematics focusing on its application to common pharmaceutical calculations.

PHT202​Drug Information I

This course provides an introductory study of therapeutic drug categories.


PHT203​Pharmacy Law & Ethics​

This course provides a study of Pharmacy Law including the following:  Federal Pharmacy Law, Florida State Law, Florida State Rules and Pharmacy Technician Florida rules and laws.


PHT301​Drug Information II

This course includes a study of therapeutic drug categories.


PHT302​Applied Pharmacy Practice​

This course provides a study of the principles used in manipulation of data and materials in the preparing and dispensing of drugs which includes the following concepts:  Records management, inventory control, Pharmaceutical supplies, Medication labeling, Medication labeling, Medication packaging and storage, Controlled Substances and Adjudication and Billing.


PHT303​Applied Pharmacy Practice Lab​

This course provides a study of laboratory-based, hands-on application of principles used in manipulation of data and materials in the preparing and dispensing of drugs.


PHT304​Prescription Interpretation & Medication Errors​

This course provides an introductory study of prescription order interpretation.  The course will also review medication safety and error prevention.


PHT401​Pharmacy Technician Certification Review​

This course provides an overview of all primary topics taught within the program and the necessary skills needed in order to successfully pass either Pharmacy TechnicianCertification Exam.


PHT402​Introduction to Pharmacy Systems & Data Entry​

This course will provide an overview of the data entry expectations of the pharmacy technician.  This course will also include exposure to various pharmacy operating systems and training in Windows operating systems, word processing, financial spreadsheets, database applications, and a special topics section that will introduce presentation software, the Internet, World Wide Web browsers, e-mail, local area networks and other contemporary issues as time permits.


PHT403​Pharmacy Technician Externship

Students may be assigned to a clinical affiliate to complete a total of 160 clock hours of internship over an 8-week period.  Students may also elect to complete their hours in an approved non-affiliate facility of their choice upon written approval of the Institute.